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Distribution Exam Deadline

Officially, July 1 is the application deadline for the next Distribution Exam next September 15.  Remember, here in California, this certification exam is only given twice per year.  So if you miss this deadline, you’ll be waiting another six months to …
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Volatile Organic Chemicals

My local paper this morning let me know that there is something present in my water that normally is not there: volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs.  Should I be alarmed?  That depends.  See: I’m used to it now, but …
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Deadline Approaching!

July 1 is coming!  Believe it or not, we are almost half-way through 2012 — and we’re still writing “2011” on the date line of forms!  But  there is another important aspect to July 1: it is the application deadline …
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Water Jobs Outlook

We have two main categories of customers here at MOST: those with jobs in the Water Industry, and those looking to land such jobs.  There has been significant distress in the latter group, largely due to the absolutely lousy job …
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Polio: Waterborne Virus

Homo sapiens have enemies.  And we don’t mean science fiction enemies from other planets.  No, right here on Planet Earth, we have other life forms that seek to harm us.  We call these pathogens.  As the dominant species on our …
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Summer is Water Conservation Time

Memorial Day weekend is past us, which means that Summer is upon us.  As we pointed out in our last post, that means higher flows and lower pressures for our water systems.  One way to reduce those peak flow rates …
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