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The KISS Principle for Water Math

Over two years ago, we posted a blog on the KISS Principle as it relates to water math.  With the Distribution Operator certification exam just over two weeks away, we thought the timing was good to revisit this absolutely critical …
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Distribution Operator Exam Is September 15

We are just over two weeks away from the Water Distribution Operator Exam here in California.  Are you ready?  There is still time to get in that last flurry of studying, but don’t put it off any longer.  As is …
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Chromium from Disney?

We’re back after a nice vacation to a much cooler part of the world than our current abode in Valencia, California:  Alaska.  There is much to catch up with, and we apologize for those who contacted us last week.  We’re …
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Operator Certification Deadlines

There are two very important dates coming up for Water Operators in California.  September 1 is the deadline to apply for the next Water Treatment Operator Certification exam.  Your application must be complete and postmarked no later than that date …
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Safewater Team

Everyone who has taken even one of our classes has heard this statistic: over 4,000 children die in this world every day from waterborne disease.  (That is according to the World Health Organization, in a 2009 report.)  That makes this …
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Restore Hetch Hetchy?

Water is vital to life.  It is also vital to economic activity.  And water is scarce in the desert southwest United States.  Because of this conflict between need and availability, there are many lurid stories related to water supply in …
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Curiosity About Water

Lost in all the hoopla of the Olympic Games, an historic event for the Human Race occurred yesterday when the craft “Curiosity” landed on our sister planet, Mars.  Congratulations to NASA, JPL, and others for a landing that would have …
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Aquarium of the Pacific

One of Southern California’s real gems is the Aquarium of the Pacific.  If you haven’t been there, you should really plan to do so, and make sure you take the whole family.  (Today’s photo is from there.)  And while you’re there, …
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