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MOST Milestones for 2012

This year has seen us pass a few milestones here at MOST.  As this will be our final post of 2012, we will recap a few these MOST milestones for 2012. We just passed the 5,000 visits mark on our YouTube site!  We’re …
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Here Comes 2013!

MOST has been quiet for several days, as we have been attending to Christmas-related activities.  We suspect the same has been true for you, although your activities may have instead been related to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Feast of Stephen, Boxing …
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Ban Bottled Water?

We’re big fans of tap water here at MOST.  We’ve spent 40 years in this industry, and we understand the many layers of safeguards and regulations in place that ensure our tap water is healthful.  On top of that, it …
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This Week’s Schedule

We’ve got a lot on our plate this coming week.  As we mentioned a couple posts ago, we will be teaching an Intermediate Water Distribution course for the California-Nevada AWWA this coming week.  (There is still room if you want …
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Remember Pearl Harbor

  Each year on this “date that will live in infamy,” the United States commemorates our unscheduled and unwanted entry into World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor.  We are especially proud of last year’s post on this topic, …
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Perchlorate on Mars

Thanks to Subscriber Victor for this tip:  NASA’s rover “Curiosity” has found perchlorate on Mars!  That would be the very same perchlorate that is regulated in drinking water in California — although the USEPA has yet to establish a drinking …
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Intermediate Water Distribution Course

We are scheduled to teach a 36-hour Intermediate Water Distribution Operator course for the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association next week.  This course is intended for folks who need a second course in water distribution so that …
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