A Habitat for Humanity?

Yesterday’s Los Angeles Daily News had an interesting piece by Alan Rabinowitz with the title, “Good science tells us that jaguars don’t need U.S. habitat.”
And Mr. Rabinowitz is the president of Panthera, a panther conservation group! – not some horrible developer or contractor whose sole purpose in life is to rape and pillage the environment to satisfy his own greed.
One paragraph really got my attention: “The facts haven’t changed: There is still no area in the United States essential to the conservation of the jaguar. But having asserted this twice already, the (US Fish and Wildlife) service, now under a new president, has bent to the tiresome litigation (from the Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife).”
So the scientific facts have not changed, but our government’s response has changed. And this response will cost taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that science has established does not exist. This is exactly the type of nonsense that drives people crazy. And these people – me included – do not want all the jaguars to die. Quite the contrary: we want a rational solution to real problems, not political solutions to invented “crises.”
Habitat protection is an important component of a rational program to preserve our wilderness and native species of plants and animals. Like many such topics, however, it has been abused by people with political – NOT environmental – agendas. And they have used the courts to brow-beat the government (federal, state, and local) into furthering these narrow political agendas. The on-going and seemingly endless litigation has delayed or completely stopped wonderful projects that would improve communities, provide jobs, and in many cases, preserve native habitat for a greater environmental good.
I have mused often about bringing a class action suit against some government entity. The suit would claim that the habitat of a species was being systematically threatened by that government. The species being threatened: Homo sapiens!
It’s about time that our governments stand up to these so-called environmentalists with their anti-human agendas, and preserve a “Habitat for Humanity.”

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