A New Water Planet

According to astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, a new planet has been discovered that is composed mostly of water! It is 40 light years away, so not even MWD is considering an aqueduct to tap this source. With temperatures over 400 oF, life is unlikely, since the proteins that make up DNA, enzymes, and other biomolecules unravel at far lower temperatures.
Until this discovery, Earth had to be known to any aliens (and you know who you are!) as “The Water Planet.” Looking at Earth from space, we see a surface dominated by liquid water – the basis for life as we know it. That’s why I have always considered it a cosmic joke for Earthlings to complain about water shortages. It would be akin to inhabitants of the Sun complaining about being too cold.
So why do we Earthlings concern ourselves with water “shortages” on The Water Planet? Because we need liquid, non-saline water for life – and only about one-third of one percent of all the water on our planet is in this category. So with 99.7% of the Earth’s water mostly out of consideration, we do experience quite a competition for the relatively small remainder. And in modern times, we have constructed engineering wonders to tap into these desirable sources – even from hundreds of miles away.
Why don’t we desalinate the oceans that make up the vast majority of The Water Planet? To use an old expression, “It’s the economy, stupid!” If it was cheap, we would certainly be doing desalination on a wide-spread basis. But it’s not – at least right now. But we’ve got some pretty smart folks working on this challenge, and we will have a solution – and I expect it to come in my lifetime.
If there are any folks living on that new planet, I wouldn’t trade problems with them. We’ll figure out how to use our limitless water resources soon. But they’ve really got a global warming issue to address! Is anyone in Copenhagen willing to help those guys – and maybe stop trying to “help” us?

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