Already Gone


Were you “feeling strong” after the State test?

We got so much feedback on our last blog that we thought we would try to continue the theme of musical lyrics to title today’s blog.  The State exam was yesterday, so it’s “Already Gone.”  Was that too much of a stretch?  (And, if it is, will it stop us?)

We have already heard back from a few of our Subscribers, and the general word so far is that the Water Distribution Operator certification exam was very, very different than in the past.  The California Department of Public Health told us it would be much longer, but their revised Expected Range of Knowledge really didn’t forewarn us well of the big changes in topic selection.

The biggest surprises reported thus far are (1) chemical feed math was found on the D2 exam; and (2) pump math was found on the D3 exam.  Both of these are unprecedented, to our recollection.

Please post a comment to our blog post at the MOST home page, or to our Facebook posting, or send us an e-mail by clicking on the “Contact” link at the top of the MOST home page.  Your feedback on your experiences on the exam last Saturday is extremely valuable to us here at MOST.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers and Subscribers with the best possible preparation materials for the certification exams.  And that is only possible because of your feedback.

So please let us know how you did, what surprised you the MOST, what you might do differently next time, and what you would recommend that we do differently here at MOST.

Now just sit tight for about six weeks while you await the results of your efforts.  We recommend that you consider the test as “Already Gone” — just like that six-pack you polished when you got home from the exam!

6 Responses to Already Gone

  1. avatar cmederos says:

    D5 exam in the math part there were flow questions, chemical dosage questions with specific gravity conversion, there were no SCADA conversion questions at all. One of the MC questions that threw me off was: what is a pitot tube? will see how I did by October 26th..

    • avatar MOST says:

      Thank you for the feedback! A pitot tube is a flow measurement device, usually for air (or gas) flow. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of one used to measure water (or liquid) flow rates. The chem feed and specific gravity we expected — and we had on our sample exam — but no SCADA conversions? The State has an entire box on their formula sheet for SCADA, and they didn’t use it? Did anyone — on any grade — see a SCADA/milliamp conversion problem? And did the State continue to use their old formula sheet (which I really detest — it needed an overhaul more than the exams did!)

  2. avatar Dan says:

    I took my D2 last Saturday, and honestly expected it to be more difficult. I finished in about two hours, which included double checking all the math calculations twice. One thing that stood out to me was I don’t recall a single question re: disinfection specifics for mains or storage facilities i.e. 200 mg/l wash downs, slug vs continuous, etc.. Maybe they figure D2s won’t be in charge of that stuff anyway? Volume, flow rate calcs, conversions all made appearances in the math section but none of it was too hard. A decent amount of questions about the chemistry of water and disinfection, too. The formula sheet is pretty difficult to read, but if you’re pretty good with the math prep I don’t really think you need it. I can’t say if the formula sheet is original, but it is identical to the one posted on the CDPH website at the bottom of the Operator Certification section.

    • avatar MOST says:

      Thank you, Dan. It sounds like you prepared well, especially for the math. We have received a few comments similar to yours that felt they were not really too rushed with the longer test in the three hours allocated. But the common thread among those comments was, for the math, “None of it was too hard.” We think that will continue to be an important secret to success: be comfortable with the math so that you have plenty of time for the exam.

  3. avatar Hector De La Cruz says:

    I also took the D2 on Saturday, for the most part, the M/C questions were basic if you took time to review. However, there were a couple that came out of left field. The math portion was a little more involved, only because the way some problems was worded. But once again, if you have a handle on the formulas and apply the right one, you will figure it out.

    Thanks again Steve


    • avatar MOST says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Did you encounter chemical feed and/or velocity questions on the D2, as others have reported?
      Here’s hoping for a D2 license in the mail in six weeks!
      Steve McLean

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