Aquarium of the Pacific

One of Southern California’s real gems is the Aquarium of the Pacific.  If you haven’t been there, you should really plan to do so, and make sure you take the whole family.  (Today’s photo is from there.)  And while you’re there, I recommend their “Behind the Scenes” tour.  It is a little pricey, but for us Water folks, there is a lot to see regarding their water treatment and distribution systems — for the marine life.  See their site at:

Today’s Los Angeles Times has a nice article from Tony Barboza regarding the Aquarium of the Pacific and their water system.  Right now, they’re spending a half a million dollars per year to truck sea water into the facility — even though they are situated right on the ocean.  They are planning on drawing about 50,000 gallons of sea water per day into the facility through a pipeline.  But you can’t just build a pipeline tapping into the largest body of water in the known Universe, can you?  Thankfully, one of the myriad of approvals that is required appears to be a step closer: the California Coastal Commission is expected to approve the request this week.  See:,0,3363135.story

The pipeline will significantly reduce their operating costs, and I suspect it will greatly simplify their water treatment processing for their animals.  Sounds like a real win-win-win situation: better animal health, lower energy consumption, and lower costs.  So why has it taken over ten years for them to get approval to do the same thing that the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sea World San Diego have been doing for many years?  Ask the California Coastal Commission.  But don’t expect a straight answer.

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