The Autumnal Equinox

Autumn means low water in California.

Autumn means low water in California.

Fall is officially upon us, now that we have passed the Autumnal Equinox.  That is the day when the daylight hours are equal to the night (“nox”) hours, and when Summer passes into Fall.  And such cosmic occasions are great natural reminders of other important events.  And there are three that we want to highlight here today at MOST.

First, how did you do on the exam last Saturday?  We had lots of action here at MOST with folks looking for practice exams and other last minute assistance.  We would like your feedback: did you find us MOST helpful, or do we need to improve?

We especially appreciate your input regarding those practice exams.  Our objective is to make them the best possible simulation of what you experience on exam day.  Did we succeed?  Or are there question areas that we need to incorporate into our next round of practice exams?  Please hit the “Contact” link at the top of the MOST home page to let us know, or just “Comment” on today’s blog post.

Next, we now begin our countdown to the next certification exam here in California, the Water Treatment Operator exam on November 16 — just eight weeks away.  If you’re taking that exam, let MOST help!  We have practice exams for the T1 and T2 exams, and sets of practice questions for the higher grades — all free to Subscribers.  And don’t forget the MOST Water Math DVD.  Ten hours and over 100 sample problems worked out step-by-step — all nine of the Water Math videos that we have at MOST — for only $50.  “Contact” us to get the details on the MOST effective water math training tool in the nation!

Finally, with respect to water consumption, remember to turn back those sprinklers.  The shorter, cooler days mean less photosynthesis, and less demand for water from your landscaping.  Set a good water conservation example for your neighbors by making the appropriate adjustments at home.  And expect that your treatment plant demands will be dropping off too.  With lower demands, Fall marks the beginning of the maintenance season.  And you probably just thought it was football season.

Here’s wishing you a MOST happy Autumn!

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