Beware the Ides of March

It's almost exam day.  Relax!

It’s almost exam day. Relax!

A soothsayer predicted doom for Julius Caesar on the “Ides of March,” which corresponds to March 15.  We’re not soothsayers here at MOST, but we are going to caution you about the Ides of March — but only as it applies to those of you taking the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California on the day following the Ides, March 16.

What should you do on the last day before the exam?  To the extent your boss and your significant other allow, take it easy!  Rest up.  Get a good night’s sleep.  Eat healthfully.  Stay away from too much alcohol and caffeine.  In short, take care of yourself!

Get your paperwork together for the exam.  Don’t forget that photo ID.  Bring two calculators, in case the batteries in your favorite die during the exam, or if the exam proctor gets a little over-zealous and decides your calculator is too fancy for the exam.  Bring a nice, clean eraser in case you mis-mark your scantron form — those erasures need to be thorough!

If you haven’t gassed up the car, take care of that.  And check MapQuest again to make sure you know exactly where you’re going — and how long it should take.  And then determine what time you should leave to make sure you get there 30 – 60 minutes before “show time” — just in case you get a flat tire or encounter a traffic jam.  The proctor will lock you out at the scheduled exam time, and they won’t care one bit how good your excuse is for your tardiness!

And since you’ll be there early and it’s just about lunch time, pack a light lunch on Friday that you can eat in your car (or maybe in a nice shady place nearby) while you’re waiting for the exam to begin.  And save a little time after your lunch for a bathroom break — three hours is a long time, especially with a full bladder.

These suggestions are all intended to keep you calm.  You will do your best on Saturday if you’re as relaxed as possible.  And relaxing for this is tough, because there is a lot of pressure.  But do your best to stay calm.  Perhaps even mix in a little prayer or meditation, if that’s your thing.

How about studying?  It’s too late now to learn anything new.  If you’ve been heeding our soothsayer-like warnings over the past several weeks, you’re as ready as you can be for the exam.  You might do a little “light workout” by quizzing yourself with your MOST practice exam or other sample questions you have from courses you’ve taken.

But if you’re prepared, there is no need for you to beware the Ides of March!  Best of luck on Saturday!

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    Thanks for the tips!

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