Burbank Water and Power

One of our best customers is Burbank (California) Water and Power.  We really appreciate their support of MOST.  It seems we are not alone in our appreciation.  If you are a member of the American Water Works Association, you probably noticed that they are featured in this month’s OpFlow magazine.  Look for the “Finished Water” feature on the very last page.

If you’re not an AWWA member, we encourage you to join this, the MOST influential organization in the water industry.  Sign up today online at www.awwa.org.  But you can still find out about the efforts that Burbank has been taking to reduce their energy consumption.  See the Burbank Water and Power web site at:


Make sure to view the video on this web page.  The link is about halfway down the page.

Congratulations to Burbank Water and Power!  They obviously are a leader in our industry.  And they have demonstrated tremendous vision and excellent judgement by selecting MOST to conduct their onsite Operator training!  If your water agency also has excellent judgement, please Contact us to see what MOST can do for you.

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