California Gasoline Prices, Part II

It looks like Senator Dianne Feinstein reads the MOST blog.  As predicted in our previous post on California Gasoline prices, Feinstein is blaming the greed of the marketplace.  See:


Our prediction is that absolutely no one will be indicted for price fixing, because no one broke any of the laws that Feinstein and her fellow legislators established.  If she doesn’t like the way the market is treating folks, perhaps she should be looking in the mirror for the real culprit.

On the other hand, our compliments to Governor Jerry Brown.  Apparently the Governor has a better handle on the real problem, as he directed the State Air Resources Board to allow the early use of the Winter Blend gasoline.  The increase in supply should have an actual impact on gas prices in the next couple of weeks.  See:


We wonder if the Governor read our last post?

One Response to California Gasoline Prices, Part II

  1. avatar Agbakaizu says:

    These so called puiblc servants are not breaking any Congressional rule, but what about rules of ethics and morality? Apparently there is no ethics laws or rules for members of the country club of Congress. It’s time for term limits, it’s time to throw the bums out, it’s time for Congressional reform. I always wondered in my naivete how these bums go to Washington and come out years later as millionaires? And the sad part of this story is that alot of people don’t give a rat’s buttock. I wish some investigative news agency(what an oxymoron) would publish a list of Congressmen & women who have profited from insider information. Get rid of these bums, reform Congress. Why is it that we refer to Senators and Representatives as elected leaders? They are representatives of the people not our leaders. If we go to jail for insider trading infractions they should as well.Reply

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