California Snow Surveys

This drought is no fluke!

This drought is no fluke!

We like to keep you updated on the water supply situation in California here at MOST.  And one of the tools we rely on is the California Snow Surveys.  We just came across a nice article on these surveys from — of all places — the New York Times.  We can’t imagine how this got on the NYT’s radar, but it is a huge deal in California.  The NYT does a nice job with their article, and we recommend that you take a look at:

We reported on the encouraging January 1 and the disappointing February 1 snow surveys already.  The picture has only worsened since the February 1 report.  Normally, January and February are our wettest months; this year these two months have been ominously dry.  We’re getting a decent storm throughout the State as we write this, but it’s looking dry in the forecast for the next week.

Let’s hope for some serious precipitation over the final half of February, or we may be facing a very tight water supply picture for the rest of 2013.

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