Canned Air Isn’t Air!

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Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. puts out a very informative look at chemistry in everyday life applications — as well as the occasional esoteric chemistry topic. Her blog today presents information that I did not know, and that I thought you might want to know: Canned Air — the kind that you probably use to clear dust out of your computer — is not just air. And the other components are things you need to respect.

She lists butane as one of the frequent contents, and we all know that butane is flammable. So don’t even think about using canned air on a hot computer!

There are other chemicals that probably help serve as propellants. These are similar to CFCs — chlorofluorocarbons — which are being eliminated from use as air conditioning refrigerants because of environmental concerns.

Check out Dr. Helmenstine’s blog. And please keep up with mine!

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