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Preparing you for a career in the Water Industry.

Preparing you for a career in the Water Industry.

Folks are always asking us questions about the requirements and process for certification as a Water Treatment or Water Distribution Operator in California.  Many also want to know how they can qualify for such certification or prepare for the certification exams.  After years of explaining these things to folks, we finally realized that a YouTube video might be helpful.  (Note that sometimes MOST is a little slow to come up with such ideas!)

So if these are the burning questions in your mind, please check out our latest YouTube video at:


The video contains links to the State web sites for certification information, as well as a link to the best way to prepare for the exams:  Santiago Canyon College.  MOST is chair of the Water Utility Science program there, and each semester we teach five eligible “Specialized Training Courses” — the types of courses the State requires you to take to obtain and/or advance your certification.

And while you’re on our YouTube site, make sure to become a Subscriber there, as well as at MOST.

And if you still have questions after you’ve watched the video, you still can find me at MOST.  Just click on the “Contact” button on the MOST home page.

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