Coagulation Course Now Available

We have just completed our seventh course, this one on Coagulation — the first unit process in conventional water treatement.  As the only chemical process in conventional water treatment, we spend much of the hour examining the chemistry aspects of coagulation, including the polymer treatment mechanism known as “Bridging,” which is depicted here.

This is a must-see video for any conventional water treatment plant Operator.  However, if you’re preparing for the upcoming Distribution Operator exam, you may want to skip this one for now.  Of much greater assistance to you will be the Dimensional Analysis (WM-1) and Volume Calculation (WM-3) courses, and the Nature of Water (WQ-1) and Microbiology for Operators (WQ-4) courses, and the Hydrologic Cycle course (WD-1).

Remember that all courses are only $10 each, and you can review the course over and over and over again — with no additional cost!  Please consider these as helpful additions to your preparations for the State exam.

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