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Is your New Year’s resolution to complete all your continuing education/contact hours soon enough to avoid the late fees assessed by the State Water Resources Control Board?  Well you might just actually accomplish this resolution with the help of Santiago Canyon College.  And you can do it economically and easily.  Here is how.

SCC will be offering two courses, WATR 056 and WATR 057, during our Spring Intersession.  Each course is completely online, counts as 8 contact hours, and will begin on January 23 and end on February 5.  And the cost for each course is $9.20, plus $20 in application fees if you are not already enrolled for the Spring Intersession.  What could possibly top this?

Only this: your instructor will be the proprietor of MOST, yours truly, Steve McLean.  And while I would really like you to get your contact hours at the MOST web site, it will cost you far less to take these courses at SCC.  Go here to enroll:

And one last thing as we close out 2016: make sure that you follow MOST on Twitter!  Just click on the Twitter icon from our MOST web site.  We’ll be providing you notices of other opportunities like this one via Twitter — as soon as your geriatric MOST proprietor gets his tech act together.  That’s my New Year’s resolution.

Happy 2017 from MOST!


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  1. avatar Ernest Rawson says:

    Steve thank you so much for teaching these classes,I learned more more in your one day course than I did in a semester at mt.sac and passed my d1 can’t wait to take 056 and 057 classes to prep me for my d2!

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