CT Water Math Course Available

We are happy to announce the availability of yet another course here at MOST: WM-9 — CT Calculation.  Like our other Water Math courses, this course presents the basic principles behind the mathematical relationship, discusses the key factors that go into the formula, and then presents several examples and practice problems associated with that formula.

The CT calculation is essential to compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule.  While the formula itself is quite simple — CT = C x T — there are plenty of potential complicating factors that every Operator should fully understand.  And your full understanding is exactly what we are aiming for in each of our courses.

All of our courses are designed with Operators in mind, and are developed by someone who has worked in water system operations since 1972.  Each course is approximately one hour in length, fully online, and still only $10.  We remain convinced that we provide you with the MOST convenient, MOST economical, and MOST informative continuing education you can find — online or otherwise.

Please try out our new course, WM-9, or any of our other courses.  And let us know if you like them, and what you might suggest to make them even better.

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