Distribution Certification Deadline

You'll be up Sheep Creek if you don't complete your Water Distribution application by July 1!

You’ll be up Sheep Creek if you don’t complete your Water Distribution application by July 1! (Sheep Creek, Kings Canyon National Park)

The next semiannual opportunity to take any level of Water Distribution Operator certification here in California is Saturday, September 19.  And if you wish to take the certification exam on that day, your application must be postmarked by July 1 — and that’s only a few days away.  So if you haven’t done the paperwork yet, make sure you spend some time this weekend visiting the State Water Resources Control Board’s Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operators’ web site here:


Print out the Distribution Exam Application, fill it out, and send it in.

This web site tells you what the minimum education requirements are for each level of Water Distribution Operator certification, and what kind of documentation of that education you need to submit with your application.  To get certified at the D2 level, you need to have completed at least one 3-unit California Community College course in Water Supply Principles (or an equivalent course.)  If you need such a course, might we suggest that you take it completely online, through Santiago Canyon College?  Your humble Water Instructor from MOST will be teaching this course, which begins August 24, and continues through the Fall semester.  We’ll complete this course in time for you to make the next Distribution certification deadline of January 1.

For details and to enroll in WATR-109, our Water Distribution course at SCC, please visit our web site at:


For more information on our Water Utility Science program at SCC, go to the page above, click on Academics and then on Career Technical Programs to find our program.  And watch for several more courses to be offered in this fully online format in the next year.

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