Distribution Exam Day Is In Three Weeks!

It hardly seems possible, but another Water Distribution Operator exam is on the horizon, just three weeks from yesterday. The reason for the short time period between exams — the last one was on January 29 — is the California budget situation. If you will recall, the January 29 exam was supposed to be held last September, but it got postponed more than four months. So exams that are normally six months apart are now only about six weeks apart!

If you are scheduled for the March 19 exam, it’s time to get to work! As I have recommended for the past several State tests, do NOT wait until the last minute to “cram” — “cramming” does not work. Instead, “Eat the elephant one bite at a time.” Promise yourself that you will devote some time every day to studying. But make it a small “bite” each time. I recommend at least 15 minutes — and no more than an hour.

You are not going to get back in good physical shape by working out continuously for a short time. You’ll probably only hurt yourself! Instead, a short burst of exercise on a frequent, regular basis is far more effective. One hour per day for two weeks will be much more productive than 14 hours of exercise in a single day. And the same is true for that gray muscle between your ears!

So make sure you start today. As I have offered in the past, official Followers of this blog should send me an e-mail (at mclean.stephen@ca.rr.com) if they would like some sample questions and answers. No charge if you’re a Follower — just my way of saying thank you.

If you stick with it and study a little every day, you won’t look like the guy in today’s picture — or most of the other folks taking the test with you on March 19. You will be calm, because you are confident in your ability to pass the State test.

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