Distribution Exam Deadline

Officially, July 1 is the application deadline for the next Distribution Exam next September 15.  Remember, here in California, this certification exam is only given twice per year.  So if you miss this deadline, you’ll be waiting another six months to get your certification!  But are you already too late, since today is the last business day prior to July 1?

No!  In a rare display of reasonableness, the actual deadline moves to the first business day after July 1, if July 1 is on a weekend — as it is this year.  That means July 2 is the real deadline this year.  But I’m still too late, right?  I can’t get this in the mail until I get home from work, and it will never get to Sacramento by Monday’s mail.

No!  (I’m beginning to think you’re just making excuses!)  Your application has to be postmarked by July 2!  So get to the State’s web site and print out that application:


Make sure you fill out the application completely, and that you also send in a check for the appropriate amount.  If you don’t do these two things, you will miss the deadline.  But there is a third item you need to address: your educational qualifications.  For a D1, you need to have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.  For higher grades, you will need to have completed qualifying courses to meet the requirements.  A single 3-unit water course at a community college will be enough for most D2 applications.  For each grade above D2, you will need an additional course.

What to do if you can’t find a transcript or a certificate of completion by the application deadline?  Write down the required information on those courses on your application, and send it in anyway!  Most of the time, the folks at the Office of Operator Certification will contact you later to ask the whereabouts of that required documentation, and they usually allow you to turn it in at a later date.  That’s not a guarantee, but I have had several applicants tell me that this is exactly what happened to them.  But there is one thing that is certain: if you don’t have your application postmarked (and the fee enclosed) by next Monday, you’ll be reading this blog entry again in six months!

So stop delaying!  Do it this weekend!

Today’s photo is of “Water World” at Universal Studios Hollywood.  If you get a chance to visit this theme park, you absolutely must see this show!  It is amazing!

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