Distribution Exam is March 15

You will have a whale of a time at the MOST web site.

You will have a whale of a time at the MOST web site.

As we have been reminding you, the Water Distribution Operator exam is March 15 here in California.  And that is just a little over two weeks away!  There is still time to prepare yourself, but you need to get on the stick.

Remember the MOST YouTube site, and our free practice exams (for Subscribers — but being a Subscriber is free, too!)  And don’t forget the MOST Water Math DVD — your Math best friend for only $50.  We’ll send it by US Mail, so you had better order soon if you want it for the March 15 exam.

But our online classes are available right now!  Each is only $10 for a one-hour course.  They’re great for exam prep, but also approved by the California Department of Public Health for one “contact hour” each — which means they are great for renewal of your existing certification.

So when it comes to Operator Certification — Water Distribution or Water Treatment — certificate renewal or exam preparation — MOST can help!  Just click “Contact” on the MOST home page if you have any questions.

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