Distribution Operator Certification Exam

We know that you just got the application in the mail, and maybe you haven’t even heard back from the California Department of Public Health yet.  But you need to start planning for the Water Distribution Operator certification exam on March 16.  Failure to plan will almost certainly mean failure . . . period!

You have taken your courses, bought your books, done some homework problems.  So what is next?  We’ve all heard the expression, “Use it or lose it.”  In the next 9 weeks, you need to keep on “using it” so that you don’t “lose it.”  Our recommendation is that you set aside at least two hours per week to review your old exams, quizzes, homeworks, etc.  If you were diligent in learning about water distribution the first time around, a little bit of review is probably all that you need to be successful on March 16.

But you also can’t lose something that you never had.  For many Distribution Operators, water math falls into this category.  But don’t panic: MOST is here to help!

There are two ways for you to access the math courses here at MOST.  First, you can just take our Water Math courses online.  If you choose this option, we recommend beginning with WM-1 and taking the courses in sequence.  We also have a nice preview of WM-1 as our sample video on the MOST home page.

The second way you can get your math up to speed by March 16 is by purchasing our Water Math DVD.  All nine of our Water Math courses are all found on a single DVD.  You can’t get contact hours for this, but you will have a permanent Water Math study guide: over ten hours of video and over 100 sample math problems, each worked out in a clear, step-by-step manner.

Our normal price for the MOST Water Math DVD is $100.  However, prior to the March 16 exam, we are offering it to our MOST Subscribers for half price!  That’s right:  $50 (no shipping and handling!) for the best water math resource you can find.  It’s the best way to prepare for the math portion of the Water Distribution Operator certification exam.


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