Do You Favor a UN-EPA?

We came across a provocative, 4-minute video regarding the possible establishment of a world-wide equivalent of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  “Provocative” is actually redundant here, as the author of the video is Dick Morris, who specializes in provocative.  None the less, we think it is worth a viewing.  See:

We have been priviledged to meet and get to know a few folks from the USEPA.  They seemed to us to be professional, thoughtful, and more than competent for their assignments.  However, the USEPA suffers from the same disease as most government agencies (and even some large, private corporations): bureaucratic inertia.  Our simple summary of life in such an organization is “No one can say “Yes” to a project or initiative, but anyone can say “No.”

With that in mind, the thought of a world-wide organization of any kind is terrifying to us!  Do you favor a United Nations EPA?  Comments are welcome here at MOST.  But you really should be letting your Senators know how you feel; they will be the ones asked to ratify the treaty that Dick Morris expects to see in just a few weeks.  Please provide your Senators with some guidance from folks that are already regulated by the USEPA.

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