Eight Weeks Until Water Distribution Operator Exam

Area Calculation is the second key step to solving water math problems.

Area Calculation is the second key step to solving water math problems.

We’re continuing our countdown until the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California.  Last week we admonished you to get started on your preparations for the exam.  Did you follow through, or did another week go by without a study session or two?  We suspect MOST of you fall into the latter category.  But don’t let that happen again this week!

Last week we stressed the vital importance of the MOST basic of Water Math skills, performing conversions.  And we recommended that, if you are not fully comfortable with conversions, you should take MOST course WM-1.  It provides a simple, three-step process for doing conversions properly.

This week we are recommending that you move along to MOST course WM-2, Area Calculation.  There will probably be few, if any, math problems on the certification exam that only ask for an area calculation.  However, area calculations are a vital part of many more complex problems.  And if you can’t do this part, you can’t get the problem correct!  So a refresher on area calculations provided by MOST course WM-2 is a great way to get your math skills ready for the certification exam — and the perfect follow-up to MOST course WM-1.

As we noted last week, there are two ways for you to access the math courses here at MOST.  First, you can just take our Water Math courses online.  And remember that each course is only $10, and that you can replay it as many times as you want for a full year.  That’s particularly helpful for these math topics.

The second way you can get your math up to speed by March 16 is by purchasing our Water Math DVD.  All nine of our Water Math courses are all found on a single DVD.  You can’t get contact hours for this, but you will have a permanent Water Math study guide: over ten hours of video and over 100 sample math problems, each worked out in a clear, step-by-step manner.

Our normal price for the MOST Water Math DVD is $100.  However, prior to the March 16 exam, we are offering it to our MOST Subscribers for half price!  That’s right:  $50 (no shipping and handling!) for the best water math resource you can find.  It’s the best way to prepare for the math portion of the Water Distribution Operator certification exam.

A few of you have taken advantage of this DVD offer.  And the question has come up: “How do I order it?”  Hit the “Contact” link at the top of the MOST home page requesting the DVD.  We don’t have an “Add to Cart” feature for this DVD, but you can still pay us through PayPal.  Just log on at www.PayPal.com, and send your $50 to MOST Water Training.

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