Exam Day Is Saturday!

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but I’ll remind you anyway: the California Water Treatement Operator certification exam is this Saturday.  We’ve been giving you vocabulary words the last few days, but today I have something a little different.  Expect a whole bunch of questions related to chlorine.  After all, it still is the MOST used chemical in drinking water treatment.

To help you out with this, I have posted a 6-minute video on my YouTube channel on the Top Ten Chlorine Questions.  You can see it — for free! — at:


You can also subscribe to that site, so you will know when I’ve posted anything new there.

If you’ve taken the Water Math courses here at MOST, and got your magic water words figured out, and can answer the Top Ten Chlorine Questions, I am confident that your exam experience will be MOST excellent!

No post tomorrow, as I will be teaching an exam review class all day.  There is still room for you procrastinators!  Call the California-Nevada AWWA today at 909-481-7200.  Now!

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