The MOST Exam Experience

Passing the Certification Exam is almost as great as Christmas!

Passing the Certification Exam is almost as great as Christmas!

The Water Treatment Operator certification exam was held today, and many MOST Subscribers were there.  How did you do?  What surprised you about the exam?  Did MOST help you get prepared?  Was our practice exam helpful?

We always ask questions like these following the California certification exams, because MOST is always trying to better to prepare you for these exams, and we absolutely need your help to do so.

Our thanks to Adam, for being the first to give us some feedback:

“Just attempted the T2 not too long ago, you were right in the expectation of no blending questions whatsoever. It also had its share of questions on pumps and valves and a few on some procedures for something to the like of crawling into confined spaces. The quiz’s from class were a great help and I appreciate all the advice, I feel pretty good about this one. Thanks again!”

That’s what we like to hear at MOST: “I feel pretty good about this one.”  So, you’re welcome, Adam!

And please join Adam in providing MOST with feedback on your exam experience.  It will help us to help you even more when the next exam comes around.  Just “Comment” to this blog or “Contact” us from our home page.  And we hope all of you contact us in six weeks when you get your letter from the State telling you that you’ve passed!

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