Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College

Preparing you for a career in the Water Industry.

Preparing you for a career in the Water Industry.

We all remember how quickly our Summers elapsed while we were in elementary school, and maybe even beyond.  MOST is reliving this experience, recognizing that our Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College begins in just three weeks.  We’ve got a lot to do to prepare for the 500 or so students that will be joining us for our twelve courses this semester.  But it seems like we just finished filing the final grades for the Spring!

Will you be joining us at SCC this Fall?  Here is a quick listing of our course offerings:


Of extra interest to many MOST Subscribers is this: three of these courses will be offered online:  Water Conservation (WATR 052), Water Distribution I (WATR 061), and Water Treatment I (WATR 071).  And online means online.  You never need to come to the campus!  So if you are from Redding or Susanville or San Luis Obispo or China Lake or even Orange, you can take these courses to advance your Water career.

Here is the link to begin the enrollment process at SCC:


Please be one of the 500 or so students who will be joining us this Fall at SCC.  Contact me directly through the MOST site, or phone me at my SCC office at (714) 628-4792 if you have any questions.

And enjoy the next three weeks!


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