Fall Semester Beginning at Santiago Canyon College

This could be your classroom for a Water course at Santiago Canyon College.

I just flipped the page on my calendar to August and realized that our Fall Semester is starting in three weeks!  I better get my act together!  And so should you.

If you need continuing education/contact hours, or to take another class to qualify for a higher certification from the California State Water Resources Control Board, or to add to your professional credentials for that next job or promotion, we have just the course for you at Santiago Canyon College this semester.  In fact, we have eleven online courses that meet the 36-hour requirement of the SWRCB, plus five certification exam review courses.

These are all completely online, and if you’ve priced out Water courses from other providers, you will find that California Community Colleges like SCC are great bargains!  The 36-hour courses are only $138 (plus about $25 in enrollment fees if you are not a current student), while the exam reviews are only $23 (plus these count for eight contact hours).  Because these prices are fixed by the college, I can’t give you a “low price guarantee.”  But I don’t need to.  If you find a better bargain, please let me know — you will be the first!

Plus you will be part of the oldest, largest, and (ahem) best Water program in California!  Truly, the MOST bang for your buck!

See here for details:  https://www.sccollege.edu/Departments/CareerEd/WaterSci/Pages/default.aspx

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