Fall Semester Online at Santiago Canyon College

As we noted last week, it’s back to school time.  Our Fall semester at Santiago Canyon College begins next Monday, August 22.  And there is still time to register.  Of particular interest to many of our MOST readers are three courses that we are offering completely online — that is correct, you never have to come to the campus.  So don’t miss out on this opportunity to further your Water resume and position yourself for a promotion or an advancement of your State certification.

The three online courses that we are offering are Water Conservation (WATR-052), Water Distribution I (WATR-061), and Water Treatment I (WATR-071).  And we are also offering a full schedule of other Water courses in the traditional classroom mode, in case you happen to be close enough to commute to our campus in Orange, California.  Here is our Fall lineup:


Once you have decided which class or classes you want to take, you can enroll online too.  Go here to become a student at the best Water program in the California Community College system:


If you want to take WATR-061 or -071, you will need to have a good working background in water math.  We have a prerequisite of WATR-050 — our Water Math course — for each of these two courses.  If you have not completed WATR-050 but still want to take WATR-061 or -071, email me at my campus address, mclean_stephen@sccollege.edu, and we’ll see if we can waive the prerequisite for you and get you in the course you want.

Act quickly!  The Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College starts next Monday!

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