Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College

These guys are looking for Water Classes in the wrong place. Go to Santiago Canyon College!

Can you believe it is August already?  That means our Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College is right around the corner.  Classes begin on August 27, and registration is now open.  So let’s take a look at what we are offering in our Water Science program that might fit into your career goals.

We’ll focus on the online offerings in this post, as the majority of our MOST followers won’t be making the weekly commute to our campus in Orange.  We are offering that all-important course in Water Math (WATR 050) online as we do every semester and Summer.  If you are among the majority of our MOST followers, math is something you still need to master, and WATR 050 is your best first step.

We will also be offering our first semester of Water Distribution (WATR 061) online this Fall.  If you need our second semester (WATR 062) online, you will need to wait until our Spring semester.

For Water Treatment this Fall, our Advanced Water Treatment course (WATR 072) will be online.  If you need our first semester course (WATR 071), we will be offering that online during our Spring Intersession.  This is a full-semester course done in just four weeks, so it is a challenge!  But it does conclude before the application deadline (March 1) for the State Water Resources Control Board Treatment Operator certification exam.  And if you are looking for our Water Quality course (WATR 073), watch for it online in our Spring schedule.

There are two other courses this Fall semester that MOST will be teaching online, California Water Resources (WATR 107) and a brand new course in Water Utility Management (WATR 092).  The latter course has three on-campus meetings scheduled, but if you can’t attend these sessions and still really want to take this class, contact me and we’ll see if we can come up with an alternate plan for you.

And finally for our Fall online offerings, if you are planning to take any of the SWRCB Treatment, Distribution, or Wastewater exams, we have just what you need: Five different online Exam Review courses.  You will find each of these courses to be the easiest, lowest-cost, and best way to make sure you pass those certification exams.

You can find our full line-up of Water Science courses this Fall at:


And if you ever have any questions about our Water program at Santiago Canyon College — the oldest, largest, and BEST program in California! — please contact me through the MOST web site, or email me at : mclean_stephen@sccollege.edu.

5 Responses to Fall Semester at Santiago Canyon College

  1. avatar Oluwaseun (Sean) Ogbeni says:

    Hi McLean,
    I’m interested in taking the T3 & D3 exams in the Ist quarter of next year, 2019. What are the best available online classes that I can use in my preparation?


  2. avatar Matt says:

    Hi Stephen can I get a copy of the D3 and D4 practice questions? Also do you have any Collection System Operator practice questions? If so can I get a copy of those?
    Also when is the next online test prep class for Water Distribution D3 D4?


  3. avatar Oluwaseun Ogbeni says:

    Hi McLean,
    I am looking for online classes I can take to fulfil the renewal requirements for a D2…I need 16 CEUs.
    Please, advise.

  4. avatar Ángel says:

    Hi are this course accredited in florida and a student’s loan available?

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      We have never had any Water students from Florida at Santiago Canyon College, so we are unaware of the requirements of that State.
      Your best bet is to speak with a counselor at your local community college to see what their rules are for out-of-State college courses.
      Good luck, and let us know if we can assist in any way. Contact me directly at mclean_stephen@sccollege.edu

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