Flow Rate Equation

See our YouTube video for the Flow Rate Equation.

See our YouTube video for the Flow Rate Equation.

The second math formula in the MOST Five is the Flow Rate Equation.  It is depicted here as a “formula wheel.”  When you take the Water Distribution Operator certification exam this Saturday in California, you will use this equation more than any other — yet the State doesn’t even show this one on their reference sheet with math formulas!  (Some day, we’ll re-write that reference sheet for the State.  While you’re waiting for that, just use the MOST Five!)

The reason that this is the MOST used formula is that each of its three variables — Flow Rate, Volume, and Time — are frequently posed questions.  With the other four formulas in the MOST Five, only one or two variables are commonly asked.

Instead of a bunch of words in the blog today, just go to our YouTube site by clicking on the link at the bottom of our home page, and check out our brief video on the Flow Rate Equation.

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