Fluoridation Course Now Available

We just finished Course WO-4, Fluoridation, and it is now available here at MOST.  We have had several blog posts regarding fluoridation, and we have made it clear that we are not fans of this practice.  However, we have stayed away from the politics of fluoridation in this course.  If your water system is required to fluoridate, or if you’re trying to prepare for fluoridation questions on your next certification exam, you are going to like this course — no matter how you feel about the practice of fluoridation.

Much of the one-hour course examines the math behind fluoridation, focusing on the application of the Pounds Formula.  We have several example problems with step-by-step solutions, so you should be very confident in addressing such problems the next time you encounter one on an Operator Certification exam.

For our fellow Californians, we are experiencing some decent early season storms, similar to what we saw last year.  We’ll be tracking the results over the next few days and posting another update to our state water supply picture soon.

But do try our new Fluoridation course.  Like all of our courses here at MOST, it is worth one hour of continuing education / contact hour credit, and costs only $10 — making it the MOST convenient and economical choice for your continuing education needs.

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