Global Warming … Again

If you do a site search here at MOST, you will find that, apart from water system operations topics, no topic comes up as much as global warming.  I haven’t posted lately on this topic, but those of you who have been with me for a while know exactly where I stand.

In the past week, I came across two articles on this topic, and they are in total contrast to each other.  You can find them at:,0,6437230.story

In the first article, the author states, “When it comes to climate change, open-mindedness is the wrong approach.”  From the second article, we are encouraged to “Follow the Money.”

The first article is written by a history professor.  The second is co-written by 16 renowned and revered climate scientists.

I encourage you to read both of these articles.  Neither is particularly long, so it won’t take you much time.  And I think you will find them incredibly illuminating on this extremely important topic of our time.  And if you actually do approach them both with — shall we say — “open-mindedness,” I am confident that you and I will share the same general opinion on this topic.

2 Responses to Global Warming … Again

  1. avatar Pete W. says:

    When I went to the first article and saw ‘When it comes to climate change, open-mindedness is the wrong approach.’
    I thought, this would be a good motto to have posted at the entrance to the gulag

    • avatar MOST says:

      It’s an amazing thing in today’s America, isn’t it? A college professor calls for an end to open-mindedness — although only on his pet issue. Thanks for the comment, and for subscribing to MOST!

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