Global Warming Update

Long-time readers here at MOST know our position on the global warming issue; we have not changed our mind.  But there are a few recent stories out that seem to support our position, and we thought we might share them with you.

First, there has been much discussion of receding ice at the North Pole.  Did you hear any report that the extent of the ice fields at the South Pole is at record high levels?  Of course not, but here’s the — shall we say — “inconvenient truth”:

Next, we are told that our salvation against the evils being perpetrated against our defenseless Planet by fossil fuel combustion is energy from “sustainable” or “renewable” sources, such as wind power.  If birds had a voice in this debate, they would probably vote against these “eco-crucifixes.”  See:

It also seems that the change in terminology from “global warming” to “climate change” was necessitated by yet another inconvenient truth:  our Planet has not been warming for the past two decades.  See:

Make sure that you read the final two paragraphs of this last reference.  Then go back and look up this blog post from our archives here at MOST:

If you’re not a long-time MOST reader, you can easily get a better sense of our position by typing in “carbon dioxide” in the “Search” box in the lower left hand corner of our home page.  You can then read our posts on global warming issues that have arisen over the past several years.  While our position is not in agreement with the “consensus” reported in the press, neither is it uninformed.  Take a look at our bio by clicking on the “About” link at the top of the home page, and you’ll see that we are, in fact, a scientist!

And it is precisely because we are an accomplished scientist, engineer, operator, and manager that we can provide you with the MOST

Is this Planet really “In the Balance”?

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