Happy 2013!

Let’s hope that more snow makes for a very happy 2013!

Happy 2013 to all our Subscribers at MOST, as well as to all of our visitors!  We have a couple of reminders to get your water year started.

First and MOST importantly: if you want to take the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California on March 16, TODAY is the absolute last day for your application to be postmarked.  That’s correct: postmarked!  You’re not too late yet!  You can still go to the California Department of Public Health web site, print out and fill out the application form, write the check, and then get down to the post office to get that sucker postmarked — TODAY!  You can find the link for the application way down at the bottom of the page at:


Next, today is the first snow survey of the water year.  MOST will give you a quick overview of the situation when the results are posted in the next few days.  Two things to keep in mind here: first, this is important to skiers, but it’s really important to water folks, because so much of our water supply in California is frozen in our Sierra Nevada snow pack; second, after a really dry Winter last year, we’re looking for a nice rebound this year, and the series of December storms we had looks like it will be giving us a great start.  So stay tuned to MOST for the latest from the California Department of Water Resources.

Finally, your new year’s resolutions should include taking steps to further your career in the water industry with continuing education and/or a 36-hour specialized education course to qualify you for an advancement of your existing certification.  We think MOST is the best place for the continuing education/contact hours — but we’re a little biased!  If you need a 36-hour course, we will be teaching a fully online beginning Water Distribution course and a conventional classroom Water Quality course for the College of the Canyons this Spring semester.  You can enroll online with COC on their web site at:


We will also be teaching courses for the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association this year.  You can find out about their offerings at


Have a happy 2013!


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