Happy New Year From MOST!

Let's hope for a return to the great water year of 2010-2011!

Let’s hope for a return to the great water year of 2010-2011!

We have been quite busy with our new assignment at Santiago Canyon College.  So busy, in fact, that we failed to note the coming of the new year.  New water year, that is.  For some reason — unbeknownst to MOST — October 1 is the beginning of the water year.  And boy are we happy to say goodbye to the past water year: it was abysmal!  Here’s to a great — and wet! — 2014-2015!

Our thanks to all of you who responded to our requests for suggestions to improve our MOST Practice Exams for Distribution Operators.  We really appreciate your input, and we know that this kind of feedback is what makes the MOST Practice Exams the best in the State of California.  And if you don’t believe us, take Evan’s word for it:

“You guys sent me a practice exam about a two months ago for the D2. I just wanted to thank you, and let you know that your exam was very similar to the actual D2 exam.   Thanks again.  Evan”

Thank you, Evan.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you are gearing up for the November 15 Water Treatment Operator exam here in California, you might want to “Contact” us to request one of our MOST Practice Exams for Treatment Operators.  It’s free, as long as you are a Subscriber to MOST.  And being a Subscriber is free too.  Just go to the MOST home page and enter your email address in the “Subscribe to Updates” box in the upper right corner.

Happy New Year from MOST.

5 Responses to Happy New Year From MOST!

  1. avatar blase lopez says:

    I would like a practice exam for the D2 and water treatment tests please.

  2. avatar Robert Sanchez says:

    Can you send me a practice exam
    for the up coming treatment T1 test.

  3. avatar jkaylor1945 says:

    I need a Practice Exam for T3 and T4 Test.


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