Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. I am Irish after all. But I will be conducting a class all day tomorrow, so no blog post.

I bet you can guess what the topic for the class tomorrow is. Yep! A review session for the State exam on Saturday. I wish you could join me, but it is for a private client. Instead, you need to be studying on your own if you’re taking the test on Saturday.

You should also be looking at a few other “logistics” items for the test, if you haven’t done so already:

Find the exact location of the exam. Also, find an alternate route or two, in case of traffic problems.

Plan on arriving early. The test location will lock you out at 1:00 p.m. They are very strict about this, so don’t be late! But bring something to occupy your time, including a healthy snack and some water. And save a little time for a bathroom break before the exam starts.

Check your calculator, to make sure it meets the State’s criteria. If it doesn’t, they will not let you use it during the exam. I have also had folks tell me that their solar-powered calculators “died” during the exam, due to insufficient light! I recommend bringing two simple calculators with you — just in case the battery dies in one, or the exam proctor objects to one. The math problems are much easier to solve with a calculator!

Also find a few No. 2 pencils to bring with you, and a good eraser — one that won’t leave smudge marks on the Scantron forms. Even if you are supremely confident, I highly recommend the eraser — just in case!

And apparently, I missed an important anniversary of science history a few days back. You can catch up at the following:


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