Happy Veterans’ Day

Raising the Flag outside the USS Arizona memorial.  Happy Veterans' Day!

Raising the Flag outside the USS Arizona memorial. Happy Veterans’ Day!

On November 11 each year — the date of the official end of World War I — we celebrate our Veterans.  That means many of us get a day off work, including MOST.  So we can actually get a blog out today.  Otherwise, we might be guilty of dereliction of duty!

In addition to Veterans’ Day, this week has another important event: it’s exam day on Saturday for those of you taking the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  MOST has again sent out dozens of our practice exams to help folks get ready for Saturday.  Our exams are free to Subscribers, and being a MOST Subscriber is also free.  What have you got to lose?  Just enter your email address in the “Subscribe to Updates” box in the upper right corner of our home page if you’re not a Subscriber yet.

Due to our schedule at Santiago Canyon College, we probably will not be able to get a MOST Practice exam out to you before Saturday.  However, don’t forget the other free services offered by MOST to help you prepare.

The MOST web site has over 500 posts on a wide variety of topics.  Just enter your topic in the Search box at the bottom of the page, and see what comes up.  We have addressed Water Math and Total Coliform Rule topics in several posts, and these will be huge on Saturday.  If you need a bit of a brush-up on these — or other — topics, use our Search feature.

And don’t forget our YouTube site.  From our MOST home page, click on the YouTube icon and you’ll go directly to the MOST YouTube site.  We have a few “Pop Quiz” videos for you there that should be very helpful in this last week before the Water Treatment Operator certification exam.

And of course, if you want to support our efforts here at MOST, we would certainly appreciate your purchase of one or more of our one-hour online courses.  They are the best bargain in online water training at only $10 each.  If you don’t get everything you need from our YouTube videos, try out WQ-5 on the Total Coliform Rule prior to Saturday.  Because this is such an important topic, this one video could be the difference between passing and failing your exam!

Best of luck to you on Saturday.  Please be sure to let us know how you fare, and if you found our MOST resources helpful or not.  And Happy Veterans’ Day!

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