Here Comes 2013!

Christmas is ending. Here Comes 2013!

MOST has been quiet for several days, as we have been attending to Christmas-related activities.  We suspect the same has been true for you, although your activities may have instead been related to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Feast of Stephen, Boxing Day, the Mayan Apocalyse, the Winter Solstice, or perhaps Festivus.  In short, we don’t think you really missed us!

But here comes 2013!  And the year begins with a very important deadline.  If you want to take any grade of the Water Distribution Operator certification exam, your application must be postmarked no later than next Wednesday, January 2.  You can get your application online at:

Don’t be late!  That would be a really bad way to start the new year.

Those of you who took the Water Treatment Operator certification exam on November 17 should be hearing from the California Department of Public Health any day now.  Here’s hoping for a good result.

And many of you will be needing to renew your certification in 2013.  We would appreciate it if you made a new year’s resolution to try out MOST for your continuing education/contact hours at renewal time.  At $10 for each one-hour, fully online video course, we offer the MOST convenient  and MOST economical way to get those contact hours.  And don’t forget that the MOST curriculum is now the standard for California Community Colleges!

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