How Bad Is Perchlorate?

I’ve had a few posts on the topic of perchlorate — and here goes another one!

It is an oxidizer, and is used in fireworks, flares, munitions, and rockets. And it is found in several communities around the country where these types of things were manufactured or tested. And that includes my town of Santa Clarita, California. And today’s local newspaper had an intriguing article on perchlorate. See:

Many state and federal legislators — most notably my least favorite, SENATOR Barbara Boxer — have demanded a drinking water regulation for perchlorate be instituted immediately. Boxer and her ilk don’t really care about public health or the cost of implementing regulations; but they are very concerned about reelection. So, being a champion of clean water is a must for the SENATOR’s resume — and she doesn’t care how much it costs … YOU!

Oh, you won’t see the bill directly, but you will pay for it through you local water bill, your taxes, or increased costs of products that you buy. Evil corporations and their insurance companies never really pay for anything. They pass costs like these along to their customers, unless they can get some government agency to pick up the tab. In the end, YOU — the customer/consumer/taxpayer — ALWAYS pay.

So what exactly are we paying for when we look at stringent water quality regulations like those that the SENATOR is demanding for perchlorate? According to the study referenced in the article linked above, we are not going to see much in the way of public health benefit — no matter how much we pay.

According to a three-year epidemiological study conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, “We did not see any effects on thyroid hormone production” from perchlorate ingestion. And this collaborates what has been found in previous studies. In fact, we would likely see a greater thyroid function impact from a nice plate of fajitas — the flavinoids in onions and garlic effect the thyroid in a manner similar to that of perchlorate.

I wonder if the SENATOR will seek to regulate our intake of these tasty vegetables, in order to protect our health?

And how much are you willing to pay to enforce a new regulation for perchlorate — or onions and garlic — in drinking water?

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