How Was The Distribution Exam?

Well, Saint Patrick’s Day is over, and so is the California Water Distribution Operator certification exam.  How did you do?  I would really like to know!  I would also like to hear your feedback on the courses here at MOST.  Did they help you on Saturday?  Was something missing here that you saw on Saturday’s exam?  How about those free sample exams from MOST?  Did they help you, or did they miss the mark?  Please click on the Contact link at the top of the MOST home page to let us know.

We get a little break now, with the next certification exam being for Treatment Operators on May 19.  In addition to the courses we have online at MOST, we also offer a DVD with all nine of our Water Math courses for only $100 plus shipping.  If math is what gives you fits on the State test, this DVD set is for you!  Just click on Contact to request your copy.

I hope to have another few courses ready before the Treatment exam.  If you have any requests, please pass them along.  But with more than eight weeks before the next exam, maybe I can work in some posts on current events in water.  It’s about “fracking” time, isn’t it?

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  1. avatar Danny Ramirez says:

    I passed the Distribution Exam. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Not as hard either though. Now I need employment.

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