Iron and Manganese Course Available

Subscriber Karen need not wait any longer: We have completed MOST Course WO-3, Iron and Manganese Treatment, and it’s now available.

Iron and Manganese are two common metals found in water.  They pose no health risks but, at elevated levels, cause discoloration of the water and staining of laundry and plumbing fixtures.  Because of this, they are regulated as secondary drinking water standards.

These metals are dissolved particles when no oxygen is present — such as in water from deep wells — but transform into larger, suspended particles when exposed to oxygen.  This is similar to the most common approach to treatment. Suspended solids are relatively easy to remove, using common filtration processes; dissolved solids are a bear to remove!  We just need to engage in “precipitation” — the chemical transformation from dissolved to suspended particles — prior to filtration.

We’ve even got a few math problems for you here, as certification exams often ask us to calculate the pounds of iron or manganese removed from water.  We use the same Pounds Formula that we discuss in MOST Course WM-6 for this calculation, but with a couple of changes that we walk you through in this course.

Subscriber Karen requested this course, and it’s now “live.”  If you have a request, please comment to this blog post, or “Contact” me here at MOST.  You might get me to change my production schedule!

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