Is It Necessary to Destroy Humanity in Order to Save It?

In today’s LA Times, Greg Goldin shows us the real playbook of the extreme environmentalist:,0,2186700.story
According to Goldin, the Iceland volcanic eruption “did us an unheralded favor. Believe it or not, all that ash swirling into the upper atmosphere was actually a minor boon to the war on global warming.” Apparently, the extreme environmentalists would like to destroy Humanity in order to save it.
However, Goldin does provide some important information that I was looking for in the April 16 blog, “Volcano.” I haven’t verified his numbers, but he contends that the carbon dioxide emissions from this volcano are 150,000 tons per day. He further contends that the air travel which didn’t happen due to this volcano would have emitted 200,000 tons per day, so we’re 50,000 tons lower in our carbon dioxide emissions – all thanks to the Iceland volcano (I can’t pronounce its name – and I can barely spell it: Eyjafjallajokull).
In addition to carbon dioxide, a volcano puts many other substances into the atmosphere. The LA Times had another piece that speculated that the additional iron that falls into the oceans would stimulate planktonic growth, and thus reduce carbon dioxide levels – and actually improve the environment in the ocean! Ash and water vapor are also emitted. When the water vapor condenses into clouds, it – along with the ash – blocks out sunlight and causes the Earth to cool. Quite naturally! So the Earth has its own balancing mechanisms in place.
But Goldin sees this eruption as a message that air traffic should be severely reduced – he believes in trains, much like my great, great grandparents must have. Alas, for Goldin, “the climate change bill now wallowing in the Senate will do little to lay bullet train tracks.” However, Goldin is not despondent: “Our hope for the near term should be that Katla, one of Iceland’s “Angry Sisters,” will blow its restless top.”
According to Goldin and his extreme environmentalist pals, it has become necessary to destroy Humanity in order to save it. I bet the folks in the village shown in this photo have a different viewpoint.

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