It’s April!

I don’t know if March really came “in like a lion and out like a lamb,” but it’s over, and April is upon us.

One of my hobbies is puzzle solving. It’s really not all that surprising, because that’s just what Engineers do every day. So I guess I’m hard-wired for that sort of thing. But I was quite dismayed when I did today’s Jumble puzzle. You can find it at:

The Jumble authors announced in today’s puzzle that this would be their last one. I was stunned by the news. So I figured I would solve this last puzzle and savor the experience.

After solving the puzzle, I was quite relieved. If you take the time to solve it, you will see why.

Or you could just look at the calendar, as I should have done — before I got duped!

I suppose if I told everyone now that this would be my last blog, the joke just wouldn’t work.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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