It’s Exam Week!

Get on the path to success for Saturday’s exam!

Yes, Saturday is the big day.  We hope that the sample exam questions that we have provided to many of you Subscribers will help you to success on Saturday.  From our archives here at MOST, we refer you to a set of helpful suggestions for what to do during Exam Week to prepare for Saturday’s event:

In addition, please review the State’s information sheet very carefully, especially regarding restrictions on your calculator — and you will really want a calculator on Saturday!  We have heard of a couple of “horror stories” where folks brought in calculators that apparently met the State’s guidelines, but they were denied by the exam proctors.  That meant no calculator on the exam!  We suggest that, if you have a nice, high-end calculator, you also bring another, simpler model — just in case you get an over-zealous proctor.  We recommend bringing two calculators, just in case your batteries fail at a critical juncture during the exam.

With the tips from the blog linked above and the help of our sample exams, we expect all of our Subscribers to be MOST successful on Saturday!  Please let us know how you do — and what we can do in the future to best assist you on these exams.

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