It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!

Last Thursday was Opening Day for the major league baseball season. I have been a Dodger fan since I was in first grade, when my Dad took me to my first baseball game — at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum! There was no Dodger Stadium then, but we did have the Dodgers. Sorry, Brooklyn.

There are many stories — some rather sordid — about the design and construction of Dodger Stadium (shown in today’s photo). An interesting — and water-related — story appeared in the Los Angeles Times this past Sunday. You can find it at:,0,2695854.story

Steve Harvey relates in this story that Dodger Stadium originally had only two drinking water fountains — one in each of the dugouts, where none of the fans could get to them! Some contend that this wasn’t so much a design oversight as it was a deliberate plan to squeeze more money out of the patrons.

There are now drinking fountains at many locations around the park, but most folks are buying water in bottles instead — for $4.50 or $5.75! Or buying sodas or beer. The Dodgers are getting a decent mark-up on all those products, and they’re selling a bunch of them, especially on hot summer days.

I am definitely concerned about drinking water quality in a public venue such as Dodger Stadium. I rarely drink out of such fountains, for two reasons. While I am confident that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is putting good water into the Dodger Stadium system, I am concerned that the water quality may deteriorate by advanced water age. Think about it: Dodger Stadium is a huge place, and the pipes that lead up to the drinking fountains could be thousands of feet long. After the team has been on the road for a week or more, the water in these lines has no chlorine residual, and figures to be a little on the “green” side, with lots of microorganisms growing in the line. The Dodgers could remedy this by flushing out these lines on a routine basis, but I doubt that anyone is doing so.

But the most important reason that I try to avoid those public drinking fountains is germs! Have you seen the kind of people that attend Dodger games? And all the germs they must be carrying around with them! (Me excluded, of course!) One sneeze or slobber from the wrong person — maybe even some kid that should be home in bed with some unknown illness — and, wham! I’ve got bubonic plague!

I don’t consider myself a “germophobe,” but public drinking fountains definitely make me think about disease transmittal potential!

Besides, it’s always nice to enjoy an over-priced beer during a baseball game. Beer has its own disinfectant — ethyl alcohol — conveniently installed! So such ingestion would be strictly for medicinal purposes!

Play ball!

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