King’s River: 2011 and 2012

The desktop photo on my home computer is shown in today’s photo.  It is from my “water supply survey” from May of last year.  I didn’t get a chance to visit King’s Canyon again this Spring, but I did come across an interesting article about the King’s River, just a bit further downstream.  See:

I read through this article a couple of times, and I still have no answer to my central question: where did all the water go?  A bridge is being built to cross the River near Sanger in Fresno County.  To facilitate construction,  this project “has kept a popular six-mile stretch of water closed for nearly a year.”

I’m not sure how you just close a river, much less just a six-mile stretch!  If any readers can shed some light on this, please comment to this blog.

Apparently, the entire flow of the river has been diverted around the construction zone.  That sounds like quite a feat!  So it’s not really surprising to me that the construction contractor may have run into some difficulties with this project.  But he is lucky in at least one way: there’s way less water in the King’s River in 2012 than there was last year!

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