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While reading the editorial “An upstream battle” in today’s LA Times (link above), the words of a Steven Stills song came to me: “Who’s gonna live? Who’s gonna die? Do you want to know? Does it give you a sense of power to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Isn’t about time we learn?”
Indeed, isn’t it about time we learn? The editorial begins with this bit of self-pitying angst: “Even among those who seek to protect wildlife above all, there are moments of great conflict.” What the “environmentalists” have failed to learn is that Humans are not capable of controlling everything that happens on Earth.
This editorial is bemoaning that altruistic environmentalists have had to decide to kill – that’s right, kill – California sea lions, because they are eating too many salmon. But the editorial also praises “wildlife officials” for making this decision.
This supports a recurring theme of this blog: self-proclaimed “environmentalists” really don’t care about the environment at all. Their mission is control. Usually, that means control over human activities like water use and land development, and the “necessary” confiscation of private property rights. In this instance, no humans could be blamed: now it’s the sea lions that are out of control. Kill them!
How bad a problem is this, that pinnipedicide is necessary? Well, in the same editorial, the LA Times admits that the salmon population “would be the biggest spring run in 70 years.” Yes, this definitely sounds like clubbing of baby sea lions to death is warranted.
This obsession of the “environmentalists” to control EVERYTHING is the ultimate in hubris: they truly believe that they are smarter than Nature or God and, thanks to nearly 40 years of winning every political battle, they now possess that “sense of power” that Steven Stills decried.
In addition to determining “Who’s gonna live?” and Who’s gonna die?”, I have two more questions for the LA Times: First, are you going to give credit to the former administration for restoring the population of this threatened species? And second, would you be lauding this mass murder if George Bush was still the President?
And I have a question for myself: why do I keep reading the LA Times editorials?

2 Responses to LA Times Endorses "Pinnipedicide"

  1. avatar Tom says:

    Brilliant! For the sake of all us, I hope that there are more than 18 of us out there listening to your "voice of reason".

  2. avatar Steve McLean says:

    Actually, there ARE many more than 18. Several are senior professionals in the water industry. They generally agree with my point of view, but they can't possibly say so in public, for fear of reprisal from "environmentalists." They're listening — perhaps even cheering. But they're doing so anonymously.

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