Matt Damon Speaks for Water.Org

Those of you that have taken courses from us have heard us speak of a staggering statistic: 4,000 children die each day from waterborne diseases.  Or perhaps we should say, water-“Bourne” diseases.  We have also decried the lack of visibility these killer diseases — the second most prolific killers of children around the world, just after pneumonia — get from the media and from celebrities.  Courtesy today’s Los Angeles Times, we found out about a new organization,, and a Hollywood celebrity that is helping them get the word out.  See:,0,604586.story

Our congratulations and gratitude to Matt Damon, who has played the character Jason Bourne, for his support for  We encourage you to take a look at their web site, and to view the humorous 3-minute video of Damon making his pitch for  See:

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