May 17 Is Coming

We’ve been too busy this semester!  So busy that we’re way behind on the MOST blog.  Our apologies.  Frequent commenter RMO checked with us earlier this week to see if something was wrong.  Thanks, RMO!  We’ve just been busy.  But back to business: an important date approaches.

The Water Treatment Operator certification exam is May 17 here in California.  And that’s only five weeks away.  How can MOST help you prepare to pass that exam on May 17?  We’ll give you the quick list in this post, and — if the schedule is kind! — provide you with more information in the weeks ahead.

First, how’s your Water Math?  We sell all nine of our online MOST Water Math videos in a DVD format, mailed to you for just $50.  If water math is your “Achilles’ heel” on the certification exam, you NEED this video!  To order, just click on the Contact link above and send us an email to tell us that you’re interested.  We’ll email you the ordering information.

Get to our YouTube site.  It’s linked from the MOST home page.  We have about a dozen short videos there that will help you prepare.  You’ll be the next in over 27,000 visits!  Become the next Subscriber there too, joining over 170 other Water System Operators around the country.

Subscribe to our MOST web site if you haven’t already.  It’s free!  You’ll receive updates on water issues — especially certification.  And we’ll send you a free practice exam.  All you have to do is Subscribe and then Contact us to ask for it.  And be sure to tell us which grade you are pursuing so that we send you the right practice exam.

And please don’t forget our online video courses!  Each is only $10, and you can replay them as many times as you need to for a full year after purchase.  They are all based on the standard California Community College water technology curriculum — which MOST provided to the colleges under a grant last year.  Yes, we are the authority on water treatment and distribution!

So there are many ways that MOST can help you be successful this coming May 17.  Let’s work together to pass that certification exam!

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